The Armor Vol. Fire Company is always looking for dedicated, aggressive people to become firefighters and EMS Personal.

Becoming a volunteer firefighter is a unique experience that can be quite rewarding. Motivation, dedication, and professionalism are qualities that our successful volunteers must possess. Volunteering requires commitment that not only you, but also your family, must agree upon.

Being a volunteer firefighter is much more than just fighting fires, responding to medical emergency calls, other hazardous situations, and training. The Armor Volunteer Fire Company is also involved in many aspects of the community, including teaching fire safety and other fire prevention programs.



General Membership Benefits 


* Free Training: All firefighting, rescue and emergency medical training is provided.

 * Retirement Program: Length of Service Program.

 * Tax Breaks: State

 * Scholarships: for new college student through State and other Firematic organizations.

 * Family: Camaraderie and lifelong friendships.

 * Fitness Program

 * Family Picnic

 * Christmas Party

 * Awards Banquet

 * Softball Team



Basic Requirements


Limited Active member at the age of 16.

Active Member at the age of 18.

If you have any questions or are interested in Joining, please click the Contact Us Tab and fill out the form.






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